Enderal, including the new "Forgotten Stories" DLC, is available on Steam February 14th!

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Setting up Enderal

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Hey, wait! What is Enderal?
1. System requirements
System requirements

Due to its wealth of detail, Enderal has somewhat higher system requirements than Skyrim. Before installing, please check whether your system meets them.

2. Installation package
Installation package

The installation package (8 GB) includes the game data needed to install Enderal.

3. Launcher

To install Enderal, you need the Enderal launcher. The launcher creates a backup of your Skyrim directory and then copies the Enderal installation package onto your hard drive.

4. Installation

Once your installation package has been downloaded, you can install Enderal using the launcher ("Install Enderal now" button).

5. Update

Enderal will be patched repeatedly, delivering bug fixes and (possibly) new content into your game. Download the newest patch using the laucher ("Update" button) and install it.

6. Done

It's done. Now you can enter the world of Enderal.

Update your version

Update your version and you are ready to go.

Select the installation file

Just select the installation file, which contains the data needed for installing Enderal. Now the installation process can begin.

Download the launcher

Here you can get the launcher:

Download the installation package

Download your installation package (8 GB) from one of these sources:

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Verify your system requirements

Minimum system requirements:

  • 1. System requirements
  • 2. Installation package
  • 3. Launcher
  • 4. Installation
  • 5. Update
  • 6. Done